Our Story

We solved the problem of the online food ordering system, enhanced quality, and commitment to both users and restaurants. We are facilitating restaurants and customers in the form of direct communication. In the current market, all food vendors and providers are charging higher commissions to the restaurants which are ultimately costing higher food prices and also further include delivery charges. Options are fewer and quality is compromised with higher prices. We in the market are creating a bridge between customers and restaurants. There will be further no need o of a mediator who is having certain terms and conditions. Creating a bridge of communication and removing the trust gap. Also in the market using wide apps, we are not able to get support but in our case using openmenu, you can connect with the restaurant directly and get your order delivered in time without further delays. Then we started openmenu products where customers directly order from favorite restaurants. We offer easy access to the users towards restaurants.

For users, It’s time to open the menu and order. Ordering food was never easy and time-taking as well. We are enabling you to order food within 2 minutes. It saves time and your favorite restaurants get it delivered to you at your doorstep. Keeping quality and customer experience focused, we get things done.

Also for restaurants, get your restaurant website within 10 minutes!

We are connecting restaurants and customers digitally. Get more client outreach and access. We’ll get you orders and you get them timely prepared and delivered to the customers. A long-lasting commitment.

Our History

We had an emphasis on creating a product enabling users and restaurants to communicate and commit. Support and quality are always guaranteed, and getting things delivered to your doorstep without additional cost. Restaurants have a website within 10 minutes. And also, for users, a product where they can order their favorite food within 2 minutes.

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